The Healing Journey

Craig Lockwood


Monday Nights

The Healing Journey offers a safe, welcoming, grace filled, and compassionate fellowship where you will find others who are facing life struggles similar to your own and share a common desire to be made whole. Healing opportunities begin at 7:30pm.

Components that Heal: Although some of our groups have a definite beginning middle and end, anyone may show up to any Monday night gathering without any prior notice.  We offer three basic components that help bring healing to those that attend. 

One on One Interview You don’t need to know exactly what is wrong or be able to name what you need. We have trained listeners that can hear your story and help you with the discovery process. S/he will then direct you to the group, prayer opportunity, or counselor that is appropriate. These sessions take place between 7:00 and 7:30.

Support Groups
Each of our support groups provides a safe environment that combines information, skill development, and personal sharing as a way to see life’s struggles and solutions more clearly. Although the foundation of our solutions is fundamentally Christ centered, one does not need to be a follower of Jesus to attend. Those of us who attend groups find that when we keep coming back and turn our will and our life over to God’s care, in time our destructive behaviors lose their grip and we begin to embrace a new life, enjoying peace and serenity, trusting that God is guiding our life and it’s outcomes.

Walk –in Prayer
Walk-in prayer for all healing needs is available for anyone, community wide, on a first come, first serve basis.  Prayer sessions are about 20 minutes with a trained team of two or three experienced people in a confidential setting. Come as you are.

When: Every Monday Night, 7:00–9:00 PM

Free Childcare (Please let us know in advance)

We have a whole host of other programs based on felt needs. See our “I Need Help” section for more information and registration or click here. 


Other Times

Prayer Counseling Ministry

Prayer counseling combines the activities of listening, short term problem solving and skill building with inner healing and spiritual cleansing through prayer and intersession. Any person, couple, or family needing help ask specifically for what they need ranging from counseling on one end of a continuum or inner healing prayer on the other. Most people will benefit from a combination of both dialog and prayer that accomplishes depth sanctification.

Make an Appointment 

Please click the “Application” tab and submit a completed form asking for an appointment. We will then send you a detailed Prayer Counseling Application which will be treated with strict confidentiality. Once filled out and returned to us we will use the information to match you to a well suited prayer counselor or team. You can also contact the departmental administrator Pat Harris.