Laura De Paola
Pastor ext.261

 Sunday AM and PM Children’s Programming


Kingdom Kidz 

In Kingdom Kidz your child will experience all the elements of the main service with age-appropriate teachings, worship, prayer, and ministry models in a safe and loving environment.  These programs run during the Sunday morning service from 10:00-11:30am and during the Sunday evening service from 5:00-6:30pm.

Kingdom Kidz Nursery is our Sunday program for the youngest members of our community.  Your child will have the opportunity to play in a room equipped with plenty of age-appropriate toys.  They will be held and loved on by screened and trained volunteers, and, when old enough, they will be given snacks.  They will also enjoy their first exposure to worship with one of our Kidz worship leaders visiting their class.

Preschool - Kindergarten

Your child will experience the following activities in the classroom to enhance the Bible lesson they hear in chapel.  These activities will vary each week depending on the lesson. 

Opening Activities – Hands-on activities that introduce the Bible story for the day.

Worship – A time of singing worship songs to God that are specifically suited for their age level.

Bible Story – This takes on various forms from storytelling to short skits to puppet shows.

Snack Time – We provide snacks each week including peanut, gluten, and dairy free snacks, so be sure to let us know if your child has an allergy.  

Craft Time – This is a fun time for the children to be creative in their learning and explore their God-given talents.

Prayer and Ministry Time – Children are given the opportunity to pray for each other as well as receive prayer themselves.  

1st-5th Grade AM Service

Activities –  After checking in they will have a time of fun activities that begin to introduce the Bible story/concept for the day.

Worship – The children will spend time singing and worshipping God.

Bible Teaching – The children will hear an engaging and important Bible lesson that helps them to understand themselves, the Bible, God, and the people around them. 

Prayer and Ministry Room – They will spend time in the Prayer and Ministry Room listening to God and expressing what they feel him speaking in a variety of creative ways from journaling, playdoh sculpting, drawing, and praying for the church, their families, and one another.  

Small Group Time – They will break down into small groups within their grade and spend time talking about their lives, reflecting on the Bible teaching, and praying for one another.  Through small group time relationships develop and deepen between the children, their peers, and their leaders.

1st-5th Grade PM Service

Worship – The children will spend time singing and worshipping God through age-appropriate worship.

Games – Each week they will have an organized game or activity to introduce or further illustrate the main point of the week’s devotion.

Devotion – They will spend time listening to a short devotional teaching and reflecting on what it means to them.

Community Time – The children will spend an extended amount of time growing in relationships with each other and their leaders.  They will do this through a variety of activities and games, everything from playing games outside, to painting nails and talking about life, to playing quiet games inside.