Getting Married at Vineyard Anaheim

Jamie Gillentine

Getting Married at Vineyard Anaheim

"For this reason a man will leave
his father and mother and be
united to his wife, and the two will
become one flesh. So they are
no longer two but one.
Therefore, what God has joined
together, let no man separate."

Mark 10:7-9
Only a decision to follow Christ will have greater impact on your life than your decision to be married. This is why we take marriage very seriously at Vineyard Anaheim Church. Our desire is to see every couple we marry have a satisfying, life-long relationship able to weather the storms of life.

Because of this, we place a high value on God's principles for marriage, as well as the preparation of a man and woman to enter this life-changing commitment together.

Thank you for considering our church for hosting your wedding ceremony. It is our joy and privilege to share in one of the most precious days of your life. May God richly bless you individually, and as a couple, as you embark on this exciting journey together!


What are the Requirements to be married at Vineyard Anaheim?

 Marriage is a commitment between two people before God. Getting married at Vineyard Anaheim involves a few commitments as well...

A Commitment to VA. Vineyard Anaheim Church will perform wedding ceremonies for members and those desiring to connect in our church community.  There are three things we look for in our members:  Attend regularly one of our Sunday services, Belong in one of our Groups, and Contribute by serving and giving.  The best way to get connected is to attend our Vineyard Basics class (Link). This class is scheduled six times a year.

A Commitment to Christ. Both the bride and groom are encouraged to individually commit to following Jesus with the whole of their lives. God's Word is clear that spiritual compatibility between marriage partners helps to make a lasting marriage.

A Commitment to Purity. Couples are encouraged to commit to abstain from physical intimacy outside of marriage, and not to co-habitat during the engagement period. Sexual intimacy is a gift from God which He created to be most fulfilling inside the bond of marriage.

Premarital Training / Counseling.   One of the keys to a successful marriage is good preparation before the wedding day.  We require all couples desiring to get married to do a minimum of three premarital counseling sessions with one of our pastors and to take a Prepare and Enrich inventory.  This allows the pastor to get to know you and the inventory is a tool designed to help couples deepen and strengthen their relationship, as well as identify and work through potential problems. Premarital counseling must be completed at least one month prior to your wedding day.  We also ask all couples considering marriage to attend our Premarital Training Group.  This is a group that meets for 7 weeks and is offered twice a year (to get more info about the next training click here).  


You're ready to Schedule Your Wedding--What's next?

  1. Contact us by e-mail or call 714-777-4777. At this time you will be asked to fill-out Page One of the Wedding Planning Form Questionnaire (bride and groom information) clarifying that all commitment qualifications have been met, or are in the process of being met. This can be done in person, via email, or online by clicking below. Wedding Planning Form (link
  2. Make your initial Premarital Counseling appointment and schedule your remaining counseling sessions. Contact the pastor you have relationship with or call 714-777-4777 and we’ll help you to get started.
  3. Meet with our Wedding Site Coordinator. Once a wedding has been confirmed, our Wedding Site Coordinator will arrange to meet with you to help with the planning and direction of your wedding rehearsal and ceremony. You will receive a Wedding @ VA Guidelines booklet at that time.
  4. Commit as a couple to attend a Premarital Training Group - click here to sign up.


A Few More Guidelines...

  • The commitments contained in this brochure need to be met and confirmed at least one month prior to the wedding date.
  • Weddings at VA are to be performed in the presence and direction of a VA Pastor and our Wedding Site Coordinator.
  • Weddings are booked on a first-come, first serve basis and must be scheduled as far in advance as possible. Also, be aware that weddings will not be scheduled if it conflicts with regular church activities or programs.  VA permits weekend weddings on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings and afternoons only.  We also have minimal facilities for receptions (See Wedding @ VA Guidelines).
  • VA Pastors may be available for off-site weddings.
  Please see the Wedding @ VA Guidelines booklet for a complete overview of VA's wedding policies and fees.

If you have any further questions regarding weddings at VA, please contact  us at 714-777-4777 or click link below.  We look forward to helping you have a wonderful wedding day and a lasting marriage!