I Need Help

Craig Lockwood

I Need Help

At Vineyard Anaheim we strive to provide help for life skills, healing, and recovery in addition to our spiritual teaching and discipleship. Please click on one of the areas of in the schematic below to access the page best suited for you.

Support and Recovery

Our hope is to provide practical help with relational or addictive struggles, for people inside and outside the church. We provide safe, anonymous, groups; each with a common theme. Join us for the deep journey of gaining the knowledge of self and taking that to God for transformation.


Healing Prayer

Healing Prayer: At Vineyard Anaheim we believe that the healing presence and love of God is available to us and becomes tangible as we pray for one another. Vineyard Anaheim has several avenues of prayer help that are open to all. 


Life Skills

 Learning certain life skills can make life run smoother and relationships go better. Click here for some of our groups and classes that are designed to help with the practical aspects of life.


Pastoral Services

Look here to get help with various activities that pastors typically do. Find information for getting married, funeral services, baptism, pastoral visit, specific areas of pastoral oversight, and general contact information.


Emergency Assistance

If you are experiencing a time when you need emergency help with basic survival needs such as food, clothing, and shelter, or have an urgent emotional or family need, please visit this page for our available assistance.


Where Do I Get Started?

Not sure what you need? Click here to arrange an interview with an experienced volunteer who will listen to your desires for help and connect you to the right resource.