Parent's Page

Laura De Paola
Pastor ext.261

Parent's Page

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much!  We consider it a privilege to partner with you in establishing a biblical and spiritual foundation in the lives of your children.  While in this ministry, your child will experience all of the elements of the main service with age-appropriate teachings, worship, prayer, and ministry models.  Our classrooms will be available to serve you during each regularly scheduled service. 

Classrooms open 15 minutes before each service.  We want to assure you that your child will be in a clean, safe, and loving environment.  Our staff is trained to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of your child.  Please look through the links provided on this page.  We hope they will be helpful to you as a parent.  We are here to teach and love on your children during Sunday and Wednesday services but we recognize that you, as the parents, are the primary spiritual leaders and influencers of your children.  Our goal is to come along side and support you in raising godly children. If you have any further questions or concerns, please give me a call or email.


Laura DePaola
Children’s Ministry Pastor

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Policy Information

Check-In/Check-Out Policy
On Sunday mornings we use a check-in program that ensures that you, or an authorized person, are the only ones able to pick up your child.  You will receive a nametag for your child as well as a pick-up slip with security numbers that match the numbers on your child’s nametag.  The teachers are trained not to release a child unless they see the slip with the matching numbers.  We also have door monitors checking the slips as people enter the Children’s Ministry hallway during pick-up.

Crying Policy
We want coming to church to be a positive experience for children, but we know that it can sometimes be difficult for a child to leave their parents and come to class.  Our workers will do everything they can to comfort your child and ease their fears.  However, if a child cries for longer than 10 minutes without showing signs of calming down, we will come and notify you.  If you are uncomfortable with your child crying for that long, please let your child’s teacher know how long you are comfortable with them crying before we come and get you.

Bathroom Policy
It is extremely helpful if you take your child to the bathroom before coming to class.  This allows more time for chapel, teaching, playing, and learning.  If your child needs to use the bathroom during class time, there are female leaders who will take them to the bathroom in groups of two or more.

If your child is still in diapers please change them before coming to class.  However, there are still some times when a child needs to be changed, so please bring an additional diaper - just in case!  We have some diapers on hand, but we cannot guarantee that we will have the right size as they are just a small emergency supply.  If your child needs to be changed, they will be changed by a woman with another teacher or leader present.

Wellness Policy
Make sure your child is well before coming to your Children’s Ministry classroom.  We cannot accept children who show signs of illness, such as a runny nose, cough, fever, contagious rashes, or other illnesses.  If a child arrives sick or becomes sick during the service, we will ask the parent to take him/her out of the classroom.  

Moving up

Children ages newborn through 5 years old move up to their next class any time after their birthday.  Before moving up we recommend showing your child his/her new room the week before and talking about this exciting new learning level prior to coming to church. We leave it up to you as the parent to decide when it is best for your child to move to the next classroom, so please let the check-in team know when you are moving. *we may get involved if class sizes become too large or if our experience tells us that your child would do better in the next class.

Elementary age students from 1st-5th grade move up on Graduation Sunday in July.