Beliefs and Values


At Vineyard Church of Anaheim we are simply trying to be followers of Jesus. He is our hero. We worship Him and want to be dedicated followers of Him. Jesus is in the business of calling disciples to abandon their story and follow his. Joining with Jesus in his efforts means that we too are committed to disciple making. Discipleship happens through relationship. Therefore, all of our groups, meetings, programs, and efforts here at VA are designed to ultimately produce this one outcome. We want to see people join with us in following Jesus!



The theological foundation for all that we believe and do is the Kingdom of God. Jesus proclaimed, explained and demonstrated the Kingdom throughout His life and ministry. We define the Kingdom simply as the rule of God and believe that Jesus is the rightful King of every person. We believe we are called to life together in God’s Kingdom, extending His grace to neighbors near and far. All of our understanding of God, and ourselves, and our community and our mission flow from this foundation. The Kingdom of God defines and drives who we are and all we do.

  We believe the Word  of God is our absolute authority and the only infallible rule for faith and practice in the Christian life.  We look to the Bible to guide us into knowing Christ and to give us wisdom for His Kingdom way of life.

  We believe that the Holy Spirit indwells every believer in Christ.  He is our abiding helper, empowering us to bring the reality of the Kingdom of God wherever we go.  He gives us gifts to bless and serve the church and to reach out to the world with His message of life. The Holy Spirit is the leader of the church, and our goal is to be led by Him in all we do.

  The church throughout history has always struggled with living under the authority of the Word and the power of life in the Spirit. John Calvin once said, “The Word without the Spirit leads to dead orthodoxy, and the Spirit without the Word leads to careless fanaticism. The Word with the Spirit leads to Biblical Christianity.” As the Vineyard we want to walk in the Kingdom tension of always being led by the Holy Spirit while living under the authority of the Word of God.  It is in the midst of this tension that we are equipped to live as a vibrant community bringing healing and transformation to the world.


Our Values are the things which make us who we are. They flow out of our beliefs in God and His Kingdom and our desire to wholeheartedly follow Him. We are passionate about the things we value. These values govern how we spend our time, energy, and money.
  ‘Worship’ encompasses the way we spend the whole of our lives. We spend our lives on what we worship. Day in and day out, through our attitudes, actions, and interactions we have the opportunity to engage in worship. Romans 12:1 says it this way, “Offer your bodies . . . to God - this is your spiritual act of worship.” As individuals, and together as the Body of Christ, we are called to center our lives on Christ, following His lead. A worshipper is a learner at heart – one who apprentices his life to Christ. Our Sunday Worship Services are times when we meet together with God, are challenged by His Word, and reap the reward of serving and ministering to each other. In both our gathering and our scattering, we desire Christ by the Holy Spirit to be the chief energizer of our activity. Worship is all about Jesus!

‘Community’ is a place to belong, a place where we are not alone, a place where we learn how to live a life which cares for and contributes to others. In a world that is dominated by rugged individualism and isolating fear, the body of Christ stands out as a light on a hill, a place of refuge and peace. The beloved apostle John wrote, “Perfect love drives out fear” (1 John 4:18). And at the heart of Jesus’ message is the call to “Love one another” (John 13:34). At VA we learn to love one another in our community groups, which meet throughout the week and are filled with diverse people. Here, we grow in devotion to Christ and to one another experiencing the rich rewards of biblical fellowship.

‘Compassion’ is to see things with God’s heart and act accordingly.   Jesus often looked at cities and people and wept with compassion. Yet His compassion did not end with tears but led him to action. To have compassion is to be moved to action; it is motivating love. God’s love drives us to serve the world around us. We minister to all aspects of people’s needs because we know that Jesus came to heal and restore wholeness to people’s lives. Sharing the life changing gospel of God’s grace is Christ’s final compassionate call to all who would follow Him! (Matthew 28:18-20)



Belonging to the Vineyard Church of Anaheim community doesn’t define whether you’re “in or out” of the Kingdom of God. Belief in and follower-ship of Jesus defines that. We welcome all to come along and check out Jesus in our midst.

There are three intentional areas that we look for when defining whether or not people are part of “our community”.

   1.  Attend 
Weekly attendance at one of our Sunday Services is essential to intertwining your life with us.  Our Sunday services are a wonderful celebration of what God is doing in the larger body of the church throughout the week. These times together help to ground us in
God’s truth and allow us to see how we are part of a bigger family.

2.  Belong 
We believe that the reality of getting to know others and becoming known ourselves happens in smaller groups. Therefore, we encourage everyone to  belong in a Community Group. These groups meet on different days of the week in homes or at the church facility. We worship together, study the Bible together, pray together, talk together, and just get to know each other’s lives. Community Groups are the place to belong!

3.  Contribute 
Paul teaches extensively in the New Testament about the followers of Jesus comprising the “Body of Christ”. The picture drawn is of you and I bringing  our abilities and resources to the table to form a whole, which is much more powerful than simply the individual part.   We do this through sacrificial serving and regular financial giving to the church community. Trusting God with our time, energy, and finances is a very tangible area in which we can intentionally follow Him together. The Bible is clear; you can never out-give God. Together, through our serving and giving, we enable all of the ministries of our church community to flourish. From Children’s Ministry to Compassion Ministry to Senior’s Ministry, there’s a place for you to serve and play your part in the Body of Christ.

  Note: These three areas DO NOT define salvation or even God’s favor. We here at the Vineyard Anaheim don’t have a formal “membership” that defines if someone is “in or out” of our community. What these three areas do is tell us that an individual is committed to intentionally following Jesus together with us in this community. Come join us!