Compassion In Action

Compassion In Action!

The Vineyard Church of Anaheim places a great deal of emphasis on laying down our lives for others that are in need. Listed below are three major areas of need both domestic and foreign where we contribute our time, energy, and money in very practical ways. Please explore the areas below and see if you too would like to participate in one or more of the areas that we have available.


Vineyard Anaheim has many opportunities to serve people both inside and outside our church. Our come and see outreach opportunities are for inviting people into the church, and are Go and Serve outreach opportunities extend God's love to those outside the church in unexpected places and ways.  


Vineyard Anaheim supports missions efforts all over the world including missions in Mexico, Brazil, Russia, and Uganda. We also support international ministry students coming into the church and other missions efforts. Check out all the missions efforts on this page.

Warehouse Ministries

Vineyard Anaheim operates one of the largest food pantry's in orange county. In addition to giving food to needy families and to homeless individuals, we also have many other programs to help the needy.  

Video Testimonies

See Video Testimonies of our Compassion In Action