Our Story

Our Story 


The Vineyard Church of Anaheim started in 1977 as a small group out of the Yorba Linda Friends Church.

This little group sought God and desired to know more of His Spirit. As they simply worshipped and cried out to God, He began to visit this band of seekers. Jesus began to do powerful things in their midst which totally changed them. The full range of spiritual gifts began to manifest themselves through the members as they learned to wait on Him.

Many were filled with the Spirit and some were healed and delivered from their bondages. God blessed and grew this small group of seekers into a large church of several thousand.

The founding pastor, John Wimber, soon began to informally coach other pastors in the practical things of pastoring and the things of the Spirit. As these leaders rallied around John it became apparent that he was the God-given leader of the group. From the humble soil of these relationships the Vineyard movement of churches began. The Vineyard has grown into an international movement of churches voluntarily associating with each other to share resources and to participate in common mission.

The Vineyard Church of Anaheim has had 4 pastors since its inception.

    • John Wimber from 1977- 1994
    • Carl Tuttle from 1994- 1997
    • Lance Pittluck from 1997- 2018

Following Jesus Together

In the first chapter of the gospel according to Mark, Jesuswords of invitation are simply stated; “follow  meand clearly express how we do life together in the Kingdom. In the simplicity of those words we are offered a life-changing adventure that takes us from broken, self-centeredness toward fulfillment and wholeness through utter devotion to God. The more one looks at the story of God (found in the Bible), the more one sees that the life of God revolves around relationship. God is constantly seeking out people and inviting them to come and be a part of life in His Kingdom right now! The starting point of Jesus’ offer was to respond personally to the invitation by leaving what we were doing with our lives and to now learn a new kind of life from Him. Just as importantly, Jesus invites us into something far bigger than simply our own sense of devotion to God - He invites us into the community of God. In community, we partner with others to actively pursue joining with what God is doing here in Orange County, CA, in our nation, and across the globe. In being a part of community, we, as individuals, find a deeper sense of belonging, purpose, and life as we together pursue being followers, or disciples of Jesus. Come follow Jesus together with us!

Vineyard USA History from Vineyard USA on Vimeo.