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Laura De Paola
Pastor ext.261

Join our team!

Hello and thank you for clicking over to learn more about helping with Kingdom Kidz!  It is our desire for every child to know Jesus, fall deeply and passionately in love with him, and out of that love be motivated to serve in His Kingdom.  Those goals cannot be reached without lots of helpers like you!

Your Commitments to Us:

  • Complete the screening and fingerprinting process
  • Attend all trainings and meetings
  • Arrive an hour prior to service to meet, pray, and prepare for your time with the children
  • Pray for the leadership of the church, of your area, and for the children under your care
  • We care about your spiritual health and so we require you to be active in a home group and attend at least one service each week
  • Live your life in a manner that is above reproach (please see the Vineyard Anaheim Leadership Agreement)

Our Commitments to You:

  • We are available to you to talk about any and all areas of your life both inside of Children’s Ministry and outside of it
  • We will provide you with tools and resources to improve your skills in Bible teaching, worship, discipline, etc.
  • We commit to praying for you on a regular basis

One of the natural benefits of serving together is the sense of friendship and community that happens.  Serving here you will find your home!

Screening Documents:

In order to complete the screening process you will need to fill out the Application for Child and Youth Work as well as sign off that you have read the other documents below.
  Application for Child and Youth Work
  • Screening Letter
  • Application for Child and Youth Work
  • Vineyard Anaheim's Anit-Abuse Guidelines and Procedures
  • Vineyard Anaheim's Leadership Agreement and Expectations
  • Vineyard Anaheim's Statement of Faith
  • Policy for Screening Child/Youth Workers
  • Requirements for Children's and Youth Ministry Workers
  Additional Resources
  • Ages and Stages of Development
  • Children's Ministry Do's and Dont's
  • Safety and Security Procedure
  • Discipline Guidelines
  • Wellness Policy