Staff Members

Alan and Kathryn Scott
Senior Pastors

More information to follow.

You can find out more about them on their websites and  or on twitter @Alan_Scott and @kathrynscott or Instagram mrskathrynscott and alan_scott71


Photo of Mike
Mike Safford

Title: Senior Associate Pastor

Phone: (714) 777-4777 x253
Mike has been pastoring in the Vineyard for over 15 years. He has served on staff at other Vineyard Churches and planted a Vineyard Church in San Diego. Mike and his family have been a part of the Vineyard Anaheim Community for several years and love calling this place home. Read More...
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Photo of Laura
Laura De Paola

Title: Pastor

Phone: (714) 777-4777 x261

Areas of Responsibility: Children's Ministry

Photo of Jamie
Jamie Gillentine

Title: Pastor

Phone: (714) 777-4777 x263

Areas of Responsibility: Community Groups, Missions, Marriage & Family 

Photo of Cheryl
Cheryl Jackson

Title: Pastor

Phone: (714) 777-4777 x255

Areas of Responsibility: Women's Ministry and Outreach 

Assistant is Diane Lester - ext 271


Photo of Dan
Dan Mahon

Title: Pastor

Phone: (714) 777-4777 x243

Areas of Responsibility: Administrative and Welcome Teams

Assistant is Caren Vigil at ext 247


Photo of Tino
Tino Suffi

Title: Pastor

Phone: (714) 777-4777 x203

Areas of Responsibility: Compassion & Prison Ministries

Assistant is Pat Harris at ext 205


Photo of Wes
Wes Watkins

Title: Pastor

Phone: (714) 777-4777 x259

Area of Responsibility: High School and Young Adults

I became a Christian when I was 22 years old. At that point my life was controlled by addictions, fear, and pure selfishness. Since then Jesus has begun a radical process of forgiveness, healing, and transformation. I want to help others know Jesus, and I believe anyone who comes to Jesus looking for wholeness and healing can find it. As I have turned my life over to Jesus, He has lead me into adventures I couldn’t imagine, character transformation I could not have hoped for, and a life full of so much blessing I feel like I am drowning in it sometimes.

I am...

Photo of Jim
Jim Wilkinson

Title: Vineyard Christian School Principal

Phone: (714) 777-5462

Staff Listing

Operation Mgrs   e-mail  Ph. Ext.
Debbie Shandy Human Resources
Don Pittman Facilities Manager 241
Support Staff   e-mail Ph. Ext.
Jill Decker Receptionist Supervisor 200
David Fulton  IT Co-ordinator 251
Sarah Hartman    Multimedia Specialist 275
Diane Lester  Administrative Assistant 271
Shannon Lucker Accounting (A/R) 240
Amy Nichols General Office Support 248
Jen Paolozzi Accounting (A/P) 249
Sarah Rich Administrative Assistant 247